Cancer Prevention and Hereditary Risk

Understanding your potential risk for developing cancer

Through our research, we have learned that some cancer has a strong genetic or hereditary component. You may choose to have your family's risk of developing cancer assessed. This may give you and your family members early treatment options - or treatment to prevent cancer from forming. 

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Based on research, we have developed an assessment to gauge your risk of developing certain cancers. The assessment is available to you and family members - whether or not you have a family history of cancer.  

The assessment will provide information on your risk of developing certain cancers. You will meet with team members, including a board-certified, licensed genetic counselor, of the Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Risk Program. They will explain your results and discuss options available to you. The assessment will provide you with:

  • The steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk
  • How you can prevent the onset of cancer
  • How to detect cancer early, when treatment is most effective

The Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Cancer Risk Program is available to anyone, regardless of where they receive treatment through the generosity of Harper's Hope. There is no fee for the risk assessment and initial consultation.

Meet Ann Burch, BSN, RN, OCN

Ann Burch, BSN, RN, OCN, is a nurse navigator helping patients understand their hereditary cancer risk at the Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center Cancer Prevention and Hereditary Risk Program.